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Green Homes are Here to Stay as Demand for Energy Efficiency Increases

by Sandie Nguyen

Green Homes are Here to Stay as Demand for Energy Efficiency Increases

by Sandie Nguyen

Going Green Is No Passing Trend in Homebuilding

A 2017 study by the National Association of Homebuilders and the National Multifamily Housing Council showed that 33% of single-family home builders currently do over 90% of their projects sustainably.[1] For multifamily builders, 36% are now doing more than 60% of their projects as green homes. 

Kudos to the homebuilders who have noted the change in how people live and incorporated green strategies in new home construction![2] With emerging demand from homebuyers as well as the market, we believe that more and more builders will join the trend of green building that will not only create jobs but a healthier living environment.

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What Exactly Is a Green Home?

A green home is a home built with energy efficiency and sustainable materials in mind. The building process decisions of this home will minimize the environmental impact of the home while it is being built and over the years it will be lived in.[3]

An excellent example of a green home is the Ultimate Z.E.N Home (Zero Net Energy), a Thrive Home Builders’ project in which SunStreet is the proud solar provider. This solar-powered, LEED-rated home features open concept living and a strong focus on cleaner indoor air.

The Ultimate Zen Home will debut at this year’s Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) Summit, acting as a beacon for sharing high-performance features and green construction practices with homebuilders everywhere. Tune in for future updates on this exciting project by following our Sr. Sales & Marketing Manager Dennis Helblig’s LinkedIn page.

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What Are Some Common Features of a Green Home?

Energy efficiency is the most important feature when looking at home design trends. Energy-efficient elements include ENERGY STAR appliances, water-efficient features, well-insulated walls and attics, and effective use of solar-powered heating and cooling systems.

Improved Life Quality and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): On average, an American spends roughly 90% of their time indoors where they’re 2-5 times more likely to be exposed to concentrations of certain pollutants.[4] Building with proper ventilation in mind makes a great impact on improving IAQ.

Using solar power as an energy-saving solution: Some of the most noteworthy applications of solar power include heating water and generating electricity used to efficiently heat, cool, and light homes; and providing electricity to power appliances and electronics.

Using eco-friendly building materials: Building green also means building with sustainable materials. Different people can have different definitions of sustainability. When considering which building materials to use, you can look at whether the material is locally sourced, its recyclability, and whether it is appropriate for the climate in which it is used.

The Growing Support for Solar

A survey by Zillow (2019) shows that homes with solar panels sell for 4.1% more, due to sustainable practices becoming more widely sought-after.[5]

In addition, during the month of March, the National Association of Home Builder asked homebuilders why they choose to build green; and found energy efficiency among the top motivators.

Almost all respondents (96%) believe creating healthier homes is the right thing to do and additionally differentiates themselves in the competitive housing market.[6]

Build Green. Build with SunStreet.

When it comes to making a positive difference for the planet, solar is the way to go. Whether you’re ready to experience the many benefits of solar energy or you’re still on the fence, we understand solar from a builder's perspective and can help you quickly get a handle on what you need to know.

Feel free to browse through SunStreet Blog for more information on incorporating solar into new home construction.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our Sales Training teams. SunStreet is here to help you do your part in building a greener planet and bringing wellness and sustainable living to your valued homebuyers.







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