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Home Builders, Help Your Homeowners Get the Most out of Solar Energy During the Hot Summer Months with These 2 Tips!

by Sandie Nguyen

Home Builders, Help Your Homeowners Get the Most out of Solar Energy During the Hot Summer Months with These 2 Tips!

by Sandie Nguyen

Summer may be the happiest time of the year for sun lovers, and solar homeowners have an extra reason to celebrate. Longer daylight hours mean more power being produced via the SunStreet solar system, making them especially beneficial during these warmer months.

Solar Energy Across the Nation

In California, most major cities get well over 225 days of sunshine/partial sunshine every year.

Nevada has no shortage of sunlight with an impressive number of 252 days of sunshine. Nevada has 6.41 peak sun hours each day -- this number rises to 7.13 hours during the summer.

Colorado also has a great level of peak sun hours. There are on average 136 perfectly clear days a year.

Texas is one of the top 10 solar states in the U.S. due to plenty of southern sunshine and solar installation costs that come in below the national average.

Living up to its nickname “The Sunshine State”, Florida shines bright with 2800 hours of sunlight over the year.

That is a lot of sun! Homebuilders, how will you help your homeowners celebrate all the abundant sunshine?

Solar Energy Tips

Tip #1: Shift Energy Usage to Partial-peak and Off-peak Hours

Homeowners should shift as much usage as possible to the times of highest solar production and times of lowest utility rates. If they can manage their energy habits under Time of Use (TOU) rates, they can lower their energy cost.

Doing tasks like laundry, running the dishwasher, and charging electric vehicles during peak hours can drive up both the home temperature and utility bill. Therefore, it's best to move these tasks to morning, late evenings or the weekend. Another great tip is to air dry dishes instead of using the dishwasher’s heated dry settings, and to install and set a timer for the electric water heater to prevent on-peak heating. They’ll be sure to see a difference in their energy bills!

Tip # 2: Switch to High Efficiency Lighting

What’s the first thing a new home sales consultant does when showing a home? Turns on the lights! By its nature, light attracts, and that’s an opportunity for you. The arrival of high-efficiency lighting is beneficial for both homebuilders and buyers.  Residential LEDs especially ENERGY STAR rated products use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. Not only that but when it’s hot outside: an incandescent bulb will make your homeowners pay twice: for the electricity it uses and for energy it takes to cool the heat it produces. LEDs can cost a little more than the standard incandescent, but don’t worry - their longevity, lower wattage and therefore lower heat, and low operating cost pay dividends for years. They’re also a marketing advantage you can sell to your buyers!

Home Builders, Do You Want to Offer Solar in Your Upcoming Communities?

Rooftop solar panels produce the most energy in the summer due to the extra hours of daylight. Take advantage of this and go solar with SunStreet! SunStreet is a trusted solar provider who has worked with quality homebuilders across the nation, and we customize designs for each home plan.

Furthermore, in terms of solar programs, for homeowners who are leasing the system, all the energy generated by the system is included in the lease – this will also help offset higher usage. Homebuyers who purchase homes in our LeasePlusTM communities will enjoy greener living with no upfront costs.  There are no credit checks or pre-qualifications to enter the program and it will not impact their DTI. Click here to learn more.

Regardless of what time of year it is, incorporating solar energy into your new home community is a savvy choice for both you and your homeowners. Solar energy is beneficial for homeowners, communities, and the planet as a whole. Being able to harness the immense energy of the sun and put it to work powering the home is a rewarding task that brings positive impacts for generations to come.

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