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Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up with Your Solar Provider

by Sandie Nguyen

Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up with Your Solar Provider

by Sandie Nguyen

Have you ever been in a long-term relationship, the kind where everything started on a great note but slowly went flat? Things just fade, and your needs are no longer met.

Well, the last thing you want to do is settle and waste your time and business resources on something that no longer works.

If you’ve been spotting these 5 warning signs from your current solar provider – it may be time to move on.

1. They Don’t Put You First

Tired of waiting??

If your solar provider constantly holds up your construction timelines, chances are your business relationship is not their priority.

Originating from a homebuilding background, SunStreet understands the complexities of construction projects and that every builder has a unique set of operational needs. That’s why we’ve perfected our process to be turnkey and non-disruptive for you, allowing us to  avoid construction and closing delays.

From design and engineering to installation and activation, along with obtaining PTO (permission to operate) — we’ll handle all the heavy lifting, ensuring everything stays on track so that you can focus on building and selling your new homes.

2. Their Lack of Options

Is your solar partner lacking when it comes to innovation?

It can be frustrating when you’re stuck in that loop doing the same things you’ve always done.

Let SunStreet help you get out of that rut! Innovation is in our nature – from our innovative digital technology to our amazing incentives and valuable solar programs, we know how to spice things up. SunStreet offers a variety of options when it comes to adopting renewable energy. Our flexible programs are personalized to best align with your business and better serve the needs of your new home communities. In fact, if you’re a home builder who is looking to harness the powerful perks of solar energy, we have something that is just right for you – the power to choose.

3. They Aren’t Communicating

Do they react only when you bring up a problem, or are they proactive in preventing problems in the first place? Do they simply provide some designs and documents, but not properly communicate with you for a better understanding of how the solar program works?

Communication is key to a successful business relationship, and if they can’t give you that, you shouldn’t bother holding on.

When you build with SunStreet, you’re kept informed every step of the way. Listening is key to all effective communication, and by actively listening, SunStreet is able to tailor our programs to your needs and provide you peace of mind along the way.

At every new home community, we assign a Solar Field Manager to oversee all the communications between all trade partners, making sure your teams are aware of what process is being done on the job site.

In addition to field support, you’ll also be equipped with in-depth training, valuable tools to describe solar to your homebuyers, and ongoing support from go-to experts for each of your departments.  SunStreet is all ears when it comes to helping your teams gain the confidence they need to excel in selling solar-powered homes.

4. They Have Commitment Issues

New relationships often start out great when they are trying to earn your trust and business. But what about when the honeymoon phase is over? It’s not uncommon for the quality of customer service to gradually degrade as your solar provider becomes “comfortable” with delivering subpar support.

Build with SunStreet and know that your homebuyers are in good hands. From selling to closing, our Customer Care team is committed to providing the best experience, making sure your homebuyers understand the program and the lifestyle benefits that come with the solar system.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at closing! After the system is turned on, SunStreet’s Monitoring team works tirelessly to ensure it is operating at peak performance. Click here to learn how our homebuyer journey sets us apart from other solar companies on the market.

5. They Can’t Keep up with Your Goals

“Wrong timing” might seem like the oldest line in the book, but it can be a relationship killer.

Do you feel like your current solar provider hasn’t grown or evolved with you? They might have been “the one” 5 years ago, but since then, you’ve grown a lot. You’ve expanded your business and are hoping to increase your footprint even more over the next 10 years. It could be an incredible journey ahead, but you feel like they will hold you back.

This is why you need someone new who can take on the extra work! Since our story began, SunStreet has installed over 40,000+ rooftop solar systems on new homes, generating more than 529-gigawatt hours of renewable energy from the sun. We have the resources and operation scale necessary to seamlessly serve production homebuilders nationwide!

Swipe Right on SunStreet!

If you can spot any of the above red flags, it’s probably time to rethink your relationship with your current solar provider. Breaking up is hard, but it’s important to keep in mind that you deserve someone who pulls their weight and invests in you and your homeowners. Someone who can give you the business equivalent to a dozen roses!

So, if you’re ready to be struck by Cupid’s arrow this Valentine’s season, SunStreet would love to take you on a virtual speed date!

If you’re looking to add solar into your new home communities, slide into our DM today to register for our SolarMatch event on Friday, February 12th, 2021. You’ll be paired up with a new home solar expert to learn how we K.I.S.S. (KEEP IT SIMPLE SOLAR) - because solar shouldn’t be complicated, and you and your homeowners deserve the best.

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