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SunStreet Introduces 'New Home Lunar Living' – Homes Powered by the Moon

by SunStreet

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it would never work. They said it was just too darn weird. Well, we at SunStreet, have proved them all wrong!

What you’ve loved about living with renewable energy by day, you can now do so by night! That’s right, SunStreet now affords homeowners the power to stay powered 24/7, naturally – without the need to buy or store electricity.

day and night photo of a house

Imagine your entire home powered, not only by the sun, but by the moon as well! Just think about those “astronomical” savings! Home buyers will also have peace-of-mind knowing our programs are protected by our Solar and Lunar Eclipse guarantees.

So, how’d we do it? Well, using advanced technology and a little innovation, we carefully designed and engineered a whole new way to capture light from the moon. Furthermore, with the help of our proprietary state-of-the-art, white-on-white lunar panels, we discovered how easy it was to convert moonlight into electricity.

lunar panel for April Fools

And now everyone who buys a new home in a SunStreet lunar community will enjoy the beaming benefits of living on 100% renewable energy – especially during a full moon!

“This is one small step for energy, one giant leap for SunStreet.” Says SVP of Operations, Mike Dufault.

To see how it all works, just tell everyone you’ve just read the best April Fool’s joke of the year! :p

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