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New Home Solar

We are the builder's solar company

Homebuilding Background
e were built by homebuilders – for homebuilders, providing them a valuable new home solar experience.
Powerful Perks
We offer incentives*, model home solar production**, and provide maintenance. No additional insurance required.
Perfected Process
Our non-disruptive, turnkey process from start to finish keeps your your construction timelines on schedule.
Personalized Training
We provide flexible programs coupled with in-depth training for your closing, sales, and marketing teams.
Field Support
We provide field managers, Solar Advisors, and activation techs as part of our Signature Service.
Solar Requirements
We surpass applicable building codes and satisfy requirements for new home solar + battery.
*Applies to single family homes with the LeasePlus™ Solar Program or PPA.
**SunStreet provides installation, activates the system, and includes solar production on model homes at no cost for two years

Currently innovating


Why build with us?

Our innovation, strategy, and creative execution is powered by our team of industry professionals who are passionate about creating long-term relationships with homebuilders and their homeowners.
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Solar panel roofs
Well-established, created by a homebuilder. Differentiated by a non-disruptive process with no construction or closing delays.
Free model home solar production*, 20+ year product and workmanship warranty. Achieve code compliance with no upfront costs.
Expert knowledge with in-depth sales & marketing training for your sales team. Plus quality support for your homeowners.
Discover our process
* SunStreet provides installation, activates the system, and includes solar production on model homes at no cost for two years.

State-of-the-art technology

  • Sunlight causes electrons in the solar module to move onto electrical wires
  • Inverters underneath panels convert the DC to AC electricity to be used in the home
  • Electricity generated but not used is sent to the grid
  • Panel is held to rail via an attachment
  • Footing holds the rail in place
  • Flashing slides underneath the roof shingles above, maintaining waterproofing
  • Lag bolt is screwed into roof joist

Flexible programs

We believe you should have different options when it comes to adopting renewable energy. That’s why we work closely with you to personalize a solar program that meets your needs and the needs of your homebuyers.
Pre-paid lease
Fixed-rate PPA
Solar included
Programs and availability may vary by location. Purchase options also available.
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Homeowners enjoy the benefits

SunStreet gives homeowners the power to make renewable energy from the sun work for them with no upfront costs.
Affordable Programs
Homebuyers choose the program that's right for them.* For example, in most jurisdictions, they can either buy the system or buy the power (through a PPA).
State-of-the-art technology
Our solar panel systems are designed to produce more solar energy than most traditional systems.
Real-time monitoring
Homeowners can monitor their solar production at any time from anywhere with an easy to use mobile app.
Home Battery
Homeowners can safely store excess solar energy to power their homes day and night, reduce peak energy costs, and keep the lights on during power outages.
Programs and availability may vary by location. Purchase options also available.
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Our valued partners

Trusted by quality homebuilders across the nation to create new and affordable, state-of-the-art solar standard communities that make their own power.

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