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Our perfected operations process

Our years of experience on the design and installation of rooftop systems in new home solar communities reduces costs, keeps construction timelines on schedule, and allows homebuilders to achieve solar code compliance. Plus, our Sales Training and Customer Care Teams will educate your sales teams on how to sell solar, and assist your homebuyers from purchasing to closing.

1. Community Review

The initial analysis is performed using data taken from architectural plans, energy code compliance reports, and community specifications. Custom plan level designs help establish community pricing schedules early in the development process, and maximize the ability to respond quickly to design changes as the construction of the community proceeds.
Manage solar permitting process
with municipality
Master plan set showcasing each
possible solar layout
Custom plan level designs including multiple orientations for each plan
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2. Design & Engineering

With each home in mind, energy consumption for the system design is calculated based on the information collected during community review. Additionally, our custom designs for each home plan maximizes the ability to respond quickly to design changes as the construction of the community proceeds.
Code-compliant solar systems specifically designed to offset majority of consumption unless local code requires specific sizing.
Solar plot plans distributed to ensure transparency

3. Installations

Once the solar plans are finalized, our Project Managers will work directly with you to ensure that the timeline is maintained. Our operations team takes over to coordinate all phases of installations with your field team to support your production timeline. Through the early phases of construction to final inspection, our operations team monitors all aspects of the solar system implementation in each new home community.
Locally sourced trades complete installations
20+ year warranty
Dedicated Solar Field Managers
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4. Training & Marketing

Our Sales Training Managers assist your sales team by helping them understand the on-boarding process with your prospective homebuyers. Additionally, the SunStreet Marketing Team provides you with valuable information and creative assets for use in your sales offices, website and social media.
Marketing collateral for your homebuyers
Educational events for your homebuyers
Training your staff

5. Homeowner Experience

Once a homebuyer has made a purchase, SunStreet is notified of the sale. Our Customer Care team is available to cover the program in detail if the buyer has additional questions. After permission to operate is obtained from the utility, our Scheduling team gets to work with a solar activation schedule. The SunStreet Monitoring team provides your homeowners with quality customer service for the duration of their program.
Homebuyer support from our Solar Advisors
Technicians activate the systems and train homeowner
Solar production monitoring with easy to use mobile app for homeowners
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