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Selling a Home with Solar Panels: A Unique Opportunity for Nevada Real Estate Agents

by Sandie Nguyen

Selling a Home with Solar Panels: A Unique Opportunity for Nevada Real Estate Agents

by Sandie Nguyen

With a significant number of new homes hitting the market each year that now have solar or green building features, the real estate industry is evolving to account for these advancements.  

Just like a renovated kitchen or an upgraded bathroom boosts home valuation, the idea of making your own energy is undeniably enticing to many homeowners. 

Furthermore, solar is especially prevalent in certain regions of the country – one of them being Nevada. According to SEIA, the Silver State is one of the top ten states for solar1 with 252 sunny days per year.2  

So if you’re a Nevada Real Estate Agent looking to gain more insight into selling a home with solar panels, read on! We’ve just found a way to accommodate your need. 

selling a home with solar panels

“Better Energy, Better Homes” C.E. Course 

Last month, SunStreet had the opportunity to sponsor the very first class of the ‘Better Energy, Better Homes’, a virtual course that exclusively applies to Nevada Real Estate Agents looking to fulfill their continuing education credits in solar. 

This course is designed and taught by Andrew Ehrnstein, Owner and Energy Consultant at Solar 4 Planet A. With over 18 years of experience in both real estate and 12 years in solar, Andrew is a creditable resource when it comes to selling solar-powered homes.

The following topics were discussed during the class: 

  • New homeowners’ rising interest in solar,  
  • How solar is apart from or attached to the real property, 
  • Homeowner’s possible eligibility for tax credits when owning the solar system, 
  • Increase sales prices (and commissions) possible from marketing solar homes. 

The class was jam-packed with valuable, easy-to-comprehend information with the stellar support from Tamra West at the Trish Nash Team and Marisol Delsi at Chicago Title, who hosted the session. 

In addition to that, most attendees were very interested in learning the differences between solar program options and the impact of those differences on the property’s valuation and sale process. We had great attendance and are looking forward to coordinating many more classes in the future. 

Through this curriculum, SunStreet is hoping to create more education opportunities for realtors here in town.

selling a home with solar panels

Solar and Real Estate Agents 

As a Nevada real estate agent, you have probably come across property listings with a solar power system. Whether you are representing the seller, the buyer, or acting as a dual agent, you will need to be prepared with the basic specifics about that solar system when your clients look to you for guidance. 

Nevada realtors, seize this opportunity! Network with other Nevada real estate professionals while equipping yourself with indispensable knowledge about selling a home with solar panels.

If you are interested in attending or hosting this course, feel free to reach out to our Sales Training Managers Dennis Helblig or Spence Corcoran.  

With over a million U.S. homeowners having added solar panels to their homes, and more homebuilders adopting solar as a defining standard feature of a new home community, SunStreet is thrilled to be part of this shift toward renewable energy and sustainable living. Join us! 



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