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Inside SunStreet’s Efforts to Practice Social Distancing and Ensure the Safety of Builders’ Teams on Job Sites

by Sandie Nguyen

Inside SunStreet’s Efforts to Practice Social Distancing and Ensure the Safety of Builders’ Teams on Job Sites

by Sandie Nguyen

Both energy and construction have been deemed as essential industries to remain open according to the guidance of the Department of Homeland Security, updated on March 19, 2020.[1]

As we continue our operations, we’re adding significant protections to our workflow to help keep our building partners safe while providing an essential service and keeping you on schedule.

Homebuilders, we want you to know that SunStreet takes safety seriously. While proceeding in these critical days, we’re feeling similar emotions and hardships as every other industry member.

By allowing people to work and projects to progress, we maintain a stable workforce to meet the needs of our builders’ teams while ensuring their safety and health on the job sites.

How We Carry out Social Distancing in the Field

Social distancing is vital on all job sites, big or small.

SunStreet has asked our Safety and Field Management teams to adhere to the new safety protocols and made it everyone’s responsibility to work together to make social distancing happen.

We’ve appointed on-site Safety Officers to enforce protocols, practicing social distancing, making sure that the trades are at least 6 feet apart while they’re conducting their work.

Masks are being mandated on all job sites. Sharing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is prohibited and used PPE must be disposed properly and promptly.

We’ve implemented a regular routine of disinfecting commonly used items in the field offices. Teams have been limited to sharing of tools and equipment. Where it is necessary to share equipment, they must use gloves and/or sanitizing products.

In addition, we are continuously monitoring federal, state, and local orders, to ensure compliance.

How We Conduct Meeting & Gatherings in the New Landscape

Gathering routines are being replaced with more teleconferencing methods. Anytime two or more people must meet, they’re required to maintain a minimum of 6-foot separation.

Group lunches have been replaced with staggered lunch hours and box lunches. Food is sealed and handed over directly to different trade partners. We also provide wash stations nearby and enforce a 6-foot distance between each trade partner when going to the lunch trucks.

How We Handle Homeowner Orientations and Activations

Homebuilders, please know that in markets where we are allowed to visit homes, we are taking extra precautions and have modified our health and safety practices to remain in full compliance with CDC guidance and applicable government orders.

Orientation: We are doing self-install appointments for Transfer Homeowners. No orientations are currently conducted in person unless being done over the phone with the assist of our Customer Care and Monitoring Team. Any Homeowner that wants an in-person orientation will be scheduled for a later date.

Remote System Activation: We have moved this process to no physical contact and through the use of mobile communications. All appointments are either being installed as a No Customer Contact or turned on remotely from the office (home). Our Scheduling Team will call your Homeowner to set up a self-install appointment. An Activation Tech will then come to the home to drop off a powerline adapter in front of the door. They will remotely walk the Homeowner step by step on how to install, retrieve pictures and connect the system back online.

Additionally, our Activation Teams have been instructed to wear face coverings, to not make any physical contact and to always maintain 6 feet of distance.

How We Enforce the Above Measures

Just as with every aspect of construction safety, we rely upon the commitment and teamwork of our entire workforce to support this effort.

Arrange safety signages for our builders' team and other trade partners on every building in our communities.

Comply with CDC guidelines and applicable government orders and assign a designated Safety Supervisor to ensure that the best and required practices are being followed not only by our Associates, but also by our trade partners, at all times during construction activities.

Mandatory daily wellness check-in is implemented for all Associates so that we can proactively monitor the health of our teams and provide them with additional support and resources.

Our daily department briefings provide all Associates with the most up-to-date information relative to health, safety, and the latest policies and procedures.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Homebuilders

Homebuilders, when you build new home communities, you build them literally and figuratively. We’ve seen you doing your part to protect the health of your residents during these challenging times, and we’re here to commend you.

HomeAid Orange County has updated that many of their partners in our building industry have made donations of masks and protective eyewear. Thousands of donations have been collected so far and given to those who are considered an essential worker.

As part of SunStreet’s ongoing commitment to support neighboring communities, every year we team up with HomeAid Orange County on different campaigns to benefit shelters and families throughout the area. Stay tuned for information about our next partnership in the coming months.

Remember, the Sun Isn’t on Lockdown.

In these truly uncharted times, we’ve seen many of us become our brightest.  And while people are adapting to the new normal, people are spreading kindness, and people are also getting to work.

As the world acclimates to the new normal, it is essential that we stay strong and keep our momentum going. Through it all, we will do what is in the best interest of the safety and health of our valued homebuilders, customers, and employees. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


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