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SunStreet's Team of Experts Keep Construction Timeline on Schedule, One Community at a Time

by Sandie Nguyen

SunStreet's Team of Experts Keep Construction Timeline on Schedule, One Community at a Time

by Sandie Nguyen

With 2020 quickly approaching, your company is probably looking into the most efficient way of integrating solar in a new home construction timeline. Even if you already work with a solar provider, now is the best time to review your options!

With a background in homebuilding, SunStreet’s team of experts have created a highly-effective streamlined operations process that easily fits into any new home construction process.

We call it our “One Community at a Time” approach.

construction timeline stay on schedule with SunStreet

Our Process

SunStreet ensures that each project has a dedicated team of experts that handle every aspect of the installation timeline - one community at a time.

We kick off our streamlined operations process with our in-house design experts. They evaluate each community individually, ensuring that each home has the most effective solar design. By carefully evaluating each individual home, our design team is able to optimize the panel layout to ensure the necessary production of energy per home without over-producing.

After customizing the design, we turn things over to our Scheduling Team. Since we have a background in homebuilding, we know the importance of keeping things on schedule. Our team works closely with your company, making sure all roofing and installation scheduling goes hand-in-hand with your construction timeline.

Next, comes the sale!

Our Customer Commitment

After the home has been sold, our Customer Care team takes care of everything for your homeowners - it’s all part of our Signature Service. From activation scheduling to monitoring, our dedicated team is with the homeowner every step of the way, making sure they understand the program, the lifestyle benefits, and what to expect with seasonal changes.

How is solar production monitored?

SunStreet’s Monitoring Team oversees the entire network of homes equipped with SunStreet systems, helping to ensure every system is working properly. If your homeowners would like to keep track of their production, they can download an easy-to-use mobile app to monitor their panels’ performance.

Personalized Marketing  

According to research released by the California Energy Commission, 78% of California homebuyers perceive a home builder who builds homes with solar electric systems as a green builder who cares about the environment. When you build with SunStreet, we make sure your sales and marketing team is well-equipped with the necessary tools to not only effectively sell homes with solar but also position your company as a leading environmental-friendly builder.

What if something breaks?

SunStreet offers a 20-year warranty on the solar panels and a 25-year warranty on the microinverters with the help of our partner CertainTeed, a leading building materials manufacturer. SunStreet uses CertainTeed’s Solstice™ solar system, which is backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry - which covers not just the solar equipment, but also the workmanship on the installation of the system.  In addition, SunStreet and CertainTeed work closely together to quickly resolve warranty claims, getting the system back up and running with no out-of-pocket costs to the owner.

With our "One Community at a Time" approach, SunStreet ensures that each project is handled carefully by a personalized team of experts in both homebuilding and solar.

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