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Going the Extra Mile: SunStreet Provides Your Homeowners with an Excellent, Long-term Solar Customer Experience

by Sandie Nguyen
Credit: Kayla Logan

Going the Extra Mile: SunStreet Provides Your Homeowners with an Excellent, Long-term Solar Customer Experience

by Sandie Nguyen
Credit: Kayla Logan

Homebuilders, at SunStreet, we believe that delivering exceptional customer service is just as important as offering affordable solar programs,  superb digital technology, and code-compliant solar design

It’s easy to put all of the above in the “About Us” section on our website and social media, but what does it really mean to provide reliable, long-term solar customer experience, and to go above and beyond what any of your homeowners would expect of us? What sets us apart from other solar companies in the market?

Read on and see how SunStreet actually lives our Signature Service out loud.

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A Homebuyer Experience Reinvented 

Just last month we launched a new digital homebuyer experience, an automated communication system dedicated to helping homebuyers better understand their exciting journey to new home solar. Homebuyers stay informed through a series of timely emails and videos every step of the way, without having to interact directly with either SunStreet or your sales teams. This means that you can get back to building and selling homes knowing that your homebuyers are in experts’ hands! 

The following are some of the features homebuyers can expect to find:

Access to a collection of informational videos. These videos explain a series of important areas including Introduction to SunStreet, their Solar Program, Monitoring, Permission to Operate (PTO), Interconnections, and Activation. 

Get answers to FAQs. Here they will also find simple and helpful answers related to ownership, billing, warranty, and support options. 

Your Homebuyers are in Experts’ Hands 

When homeowners have questions about their SunStreet solar system, they can get them answered in whatever way is most convenient for them! They can submit a request, email, or call in using the number on our website if they prefer to give us a ring. 

Each department has its own inbox. So how do homeowners know which one to reach out to? They don’t need to!  We will route their inquiry to the right person, no matter a homeowner contacts us.  

Scheduling Coordinators: Once SunStreet receives Permission to Operate (PTO), our Scheduling Team will either remotely activate the system, or dispatch an Activations Tech to go to the home and activate it. The homeowner won’t need to do anything but answer the door when they arrive and wave goodbye when they leave. 

Monitoring Specialists: Any questions regarding system connectivity, specifications, and maintenance & repair will be directed here. SunStreet's Monitoring Team proactively and consistently monitors the system to make sure it’s performing at its best – catching problems and repairing them – usually before the homeowner spots an issue.  

Solar Advisors: These solar experts are more than happy to shed some light on topics such as contract, billing, refinancing and transfers. Your Homeowners can expect educated, honest and thoughtful answers to just about any questions. 

Homeowners who are enrolled in SunStreet flexible solar programs can get ready for 20 years of top-notch solar customer experience! From the moment the home escrow closes to when the system is turned on, and for as long as your homeowner is in a SunStreet program, SunStreet is by their side every step of the way. Our Customer Care team is dedicated to making your homeowner’s transition to solar as seamless as possible and will continue to be there as the primary point of contact.  

How SunStreet Responds to Concerns

Homeowner Insight Survey and Online Reviews 

Every month we conduct an extensive Insight Homeowner Survey to measure customer satisfaction. This gives us a thorough idea of how we are handling issues as a Customer Care team. 

In addition to that, in order to provide the highest level of transparency to valued homeowners, we strictly follow our Online Review Response Protocol. This protocol ensures that each and every review gets addressed promptly and publicly, and that feedback gets to the right place. In the event that further explanation is needed, we will ask for the homeowner’s contact details and appoint a team member to reach out directly to them. 

Other Feedback Channels  

Most importantly, SunStreet is always open to hearing feedback on how to better assist homeowners. By reviewing responses that are actively collected from our on-site Solar Field Managers, Activation Techs, and other feedback channels, we can evaluate our team’s performance and look for areas of improvement. If talking with a homeowner for hours moves the needle toward greater satisfaction, our teams are encouraged to do so. It’s all about going that extra mile! 

Our Commitment to Deliver the Best Solar Customer Experience 

SunStreet partners with you and supports your unique operational needs. We work tirelessly to provide both the builder and the homeowner with tremendous value and the most outstanding service in the industry. 

With over 7 years of experience working with high production homebuilders, SunStreet understands the rhythm of construction projects and is more than happy to help you power your new home community. From Permitting, Design & Engineering, Installation, to Training & Marketing, we take complete control of all the regulatory and solar-specific work! Rest assured that our turnkey, non-disruptive process and excellent solar customer experience allows no building or closing delays, and that your homebuyers are in good hands. 

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