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Women's History Month 2021: Celebrating the Iconic Women Behind Sunnova

by Sandie Nguyen

Women's History Month 2021: Celebrating the Iconic Women Behind Sunnova

by Sandie Nguyen

In honor of Women’s History Month, Sunnova is shining a light on three women who showcase their superpowers as valuable team members, fierce leaders, and savvy role models making a remarkable impact across the company.

Annette Bubak, Sales and Training Manager, Nevada

Annette is a vibrant and passionate individual who joined our team this year as the Sales and Training Manager in Las Vegas. Her position is primarily focused on growing SunStreet partnerships with new home builders in Nevada as well as training builder sales and customer service agents on our available solar programs.

Her favorite element of her career is the sustainability aspect. “To be able to align my passion for green homes and living is purposeful and invigorating. It’s a great day when you can say, our work makes a relevant difference.” - said Annette.

Her recommendation to dynamic women starting their careers is to know that they are on a journey towards finding their passion, purpose, and career fulfillment. It’s important that they seek companies and roles that correlate with what makes them happy.

women's history month - annette

There are many wonderful women who have inspired Annette; however, her mother Grace has always been her #1 inspiration. She ingrained in her the importance of strong work ethics, principles to live by, and infinite love.

The things that bring Annette joy in life are her three children & their families, her furry family members, and her little grandson Koa who lights up her soul each time she sees or thinks of him. She also loves getting together with friends, art, sports, concerts, festivals, and exploring nature.

Carolyn Pino, Director Asset Management, Colorado

Carolyn is someone whom we describe as a woman with data on her mind and adventures in her soul. She leads the Asset Management team who manages the ongoing billing and payment collection, as well as financing and certain reporting functions.

When asked about the most favorite aspect of her role, Carolyn points out the combination of analytics and operations in a business environment. With the metric-driven nature of her work, she finds that by aligning processes to work better, she can yield tangible and measurable impacts.

She’s proud of how far Sunnova has come and loves the fact that everyone is willing to jump on the phone and solve problems with a good attitude. Our team knows and respects one another's time and the value of their work. Carolyn shares two key pieces of advice for any professionals looking to build their careers.

women's history month - carolyn

There are two female figures whom Carolyn admires. First, Michelle Obama for being a pillar of grace, wisdom, and accomplishment. Second, her mother, who is an engineer by profession and was the only female in the room for the first few decades of her career. Carolyn finds inspiration in her mother’s pragmatism, savvy, and no-nonsense ability to get things done.

Super cool fact: Carolyn’s been an avid rock climber for 20 years! This pursuit has taught her about self-confidence and reliance, risk assessment, focus, goal setting, challenging work, and problem-solving. It has also taken her on many splendid journeys around the world.

Alex Bolden, Operations Manager, California

This Operations rock star manages work agreements between Sunnova and our installers when a new community comes on board. Always staying on top of timelines, Alex makes sure our in-house designers have everything they need to start their process and turn around plans in a timely manner for our homebuilder partners. In short, she is the go-to person for any questions regarding our processes and designs! Additionally, her roles include submitting Solar Permit Applications to different jurisdictions and communicating start dates to our builders.

What Alex finds enjoyable about her line of work is knowing that her team values her opinions and trusts her to provide support for any issues they may be having.

Her tips for women entering the workforce: Going into everything with confidence and willingness to learn.

women's history month - alex

Alex admires Serena Williams for her strength of character. She is someone who shows where hard work and focus can take you despite all the hardships that life throws at us. “Her mental toughness on the court is inspiring as not everyone can block out negative noise and continue to succeed as she does."

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