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Here Comes the Sun: SunStreet’s New Digital Dashboard Helps Home Builders Sell Solar Seamlessly

by Sandie Nguyen

Here Comes the Sun: SunStreet’s New Digital Dashboard Helps Home Builders Sell Solar Seamlessly

by Sandie Nguyen

Recently, we’ve seen many creative steps home builders are proactively taking to adapt to new ways of operating and serve customers in a remote world. From virtual home tours to new home demonstrations via FaceTime - we can all agree that digital technology is key to emerging stronger.

At SunStreet, we've also been shifting our focus toward creating an exceptional online experience to serve the needs of home builders and their new homebuyers.

We're proud to announce mySunStreet, a digital dashboard created to help your homebuyers better understand the many benefits of new home solar living.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the mySunStreet experience so that you can see how your homebuyers will obtain resources about their SunStreet solar system; how it works; what to expect; and where to find more information that will help them on their solar journey. All from the comfort of their own homes.

But First, ...

Home builders, before we go into details, let’s watch this video so you have an overview of your homebuyer’s exciting journey to new home solar.

mySunStreet offers several advantages above and beyond being safe:

Resourceful and efficient: Acting as a “solar resource library,” the dashboard has answers to important questions regarding ownership; and allows the homebuyer to stay connected with SunStreet remotely. Additionally, delegating part of the communication to an easily accessible online platform will help both you and your homeowners save valuable time. 

Communication made easy: Purchasing a new home is a big investment, and for many homebuyers this may be their first time having solar on their home.  Therefore, it makes sense that they will likely reach out and check in fairly often. Through mySunStreet, homebuyers can easily reach out to us whenever they have a question – allowing home builder to get back to selling homes seamlessly and focus on other tasks.

Security: Our top-level security will give the homebuyer total peace of mind. Upon their initial invitation to the dashboard, the homebuyer will be directed to a sign-in page and prompted to create a password.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how the digital dashboard functions for the homebuyers and explore a few key tools.

The Homebuyer’s Journey: A Quick Overview

Once SunStreet receives the notification of a new sale and loaded into the system, we will email your homebuyers with a direct link to access helpful videos and FAQs.

Within the “Home” page, the homebuyer will see a quick snapshot of their account information, program details, system size, and frequently asked questions.

sunstreet helps home builders sell solar

Additionally, we provide several in-depth videos – all categorized within four different stages of the homebuyer’s new home solar journey (Welcome, Pre-close, Pre-activation, and Activated).

solar for home builders

Covering topics such as Introduction to SunStreet, Monitoring, Permission to Operate (PTO), Interconnections, and Activation, this helpful collection of videos will educate and set expectations for the homebuyer, so that they can understand how the SunStreet process works. Without having to interact directly with both the home builder and SunStreet, homebuyers can still stay engaged and committed with the help of these informational videos.

Profile Page

On the “Profile” page, the homebuyer can update any of the below information. They are also able to find the program details and home information.

SunStreet helps home builders sell solar

Your Homebuyers are in Good Hands

After the home has been sold, you can rely on our Customer Experience Team to educate your homebuyer on their upcoming solar experience.

Our Solar Advisors are available to cover the programs in detail and answer other outstanding questions, while our Interconnections Team will be working with the utility to obtain PTO. Please know that this process can take up to 6-8 weeks once the home has closed escrow, depending on the utility company. Once PTO has been granted, we can start the activation process. Currently, all homeowner solar orientations and activations are being handled virtually. Homes are being activated remotely with No Customer Contact and Solar Orientations can be provided over the phone. Click here to learn more about how we are carrying out this process.

At SunStreet, we take care of the regulatory requirements and other details involved in solar so that you can focus on building and selling new homes. Rest assured that your homebuyers are in good hands!

If you need additional sales support, marketing collateral, or just have a question, SunStreet Sales Training Managers are one email or phone call away.

A Thank You Note

We’ve put a lot of work and thought into the mySunStreet experience, and we think you and your homebuyers are going to value it too.

From all of us at SunStreet, we hope this innovative project will empower you to harvest the benefits of renewable energy as the important investment that it is.

With the transparency and efficiency it provides, we hope the new mySunStreet can help you keep your Homebuyers in the loop and take some pressure off your new home sales teams.

We are excited about moving forward and supporting the best digital experience for your buyers.

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