20,000 New Home Solar Activations and Growing…

During the month of February, we celebrated our 20,000th new home solar activation! The 20,000th activation belongs to a family of three in Stapleton, Colorado. They will be living in a state-of-the-art home built by Thrive Home Builders that captures green living through energy efficiency, quality, and the latest home building technology. Our Associates from SunStreet and a representative from Thrive came out to congratulate these new solar homeowners and celebrate this incredible milestone with them. We are proud of the SunStreet family that played a crucial role in our most recent accomplishment.

We are proud to partner with Thrive to provide clean energy solutions to power their green homes. As Professional Builder Magazine’s 2017 Builder of the Year and six-time Grand Winner in the DOE’s annual Housing Innovation Awards, Thrive is recognized for constructing homes that meet the requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home program. In addition, Thrive homes are built with sustainability in mind for eco-conscious home buyers, with a focus on indoor air quality, energy efficiency and built with locally sourced products. Their achievements in the net-zero arena are commendable and we are excited to be working with builders like Thrive to continue our commitment to green home building.



SunStreet’s Senior VP of Operations, Mike Dufault says, “Building with Thrive Home Builders makes us feel like we are part of something much bigger. Not only do we provide clean energy solutions to their communities, but we are helping them achieve greater energy efficiency to improve the lives of homeowners and the environment. Our partnerships with our builders are mutually beneficial, as we work together during the entire home construction process from start to finish.”

SunStreet is committed to partnering with home builders to provide solar energy solutions to their new home communities. During construction, homes are wired to be solar-ready which makes solar implementation as simple as possible without causing scheduling delays for builders. With over 20,000-plus solar home activations in over 350-plus new home communities, SunStreet is building brighter futures with builders for homeowners.

Our mutual commitment for sustainability transcends the idea that a home is just a home. In helping families live better and healthier, we believe homeowners should have a choice when it comes to choosing to live more sustainably. With solar powering a new home, homeowners can rest easy and live greener.

At SunStreet, every home in our new home communities are solar-powered, including those built by Thrive Home Builders and a variety of the other builders we partner with. Want to learn more about SunStreet’s solar standard communities? Check out our “Solar Standard Since the Beginning” blog to learn how we’ve been transforming new home communities with solar energy, one community at a time.