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Protect and power your new solar home with a sonnen battery.

The sleek, safe and sustainable sonnen battery design seamlessly integrates with SunStreet’s rooftop solar system to provide greater control and access to cleaner and healthier living. It’s a simple and hassle-free way to store renewable energy from the sun to power your home when you need it most, at night or during a power outage.
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sonnen, a global leader in home batteries

Each sonnen home battery is built with superior craftsmanship and the highest safety standards all covered by an unbeatable 10-warranty. With 10 years of proven German engineering combined with American ingenuity, sonnen is a global leader in energy management that is powering more than 60,000 homes worldwide.

Enjoy the benefits of a sonnen home battery

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Maintenance-free solution for your home
Sleek, quiet, all-in-one design that fits in any home
Reliable emergency backup power to power what matters most
Safe, long-lasting and rechargeable for the ultimate peace of mind
24/7 access to stored solar to power your home at night with the sun
100% recyclable, cobalt-free batteries with minimize environmental impact
Intelligent management that reduces expensive peak power usage

Easy app to monitor your energy usage


How the sonnen battery works?

Why is lithium iron phosphate chemistry important?
sonnen only uses lithium iron phosphate batteries because they are safe, long-lasting and recyclable batteries. Safe means there is no chance of thermal runaway even if the battery is damaged, making it ideal for use in your home. Long-lasting means the sonnen batteries are warrantied to last 10 year or 10,000 cycles, which is much longer than other competitor’s batteries. The batteries are designed for stationary home usage, not electric vehicles, and therefore they have an expected lifetime of 58 MWh of energy for your home. Regarding the environment, we only use batteries that are cobalt-free that are 100$ recyclable at any R2 facility, making them healthy for you and healthy for the environment.
If there’s a power outage, will I be able to use my PV and sonnen home battery?
Yes, your sonnen home battery is designed to pair with any new or existing rooftop solar PV system to keep the solar running and provide backup power during outages. The number of devices and appliances you can power during an outage will depend on the capacity of both of your solar system and your battery. The sonnenApp will provide you with information on how much time your backup power will last, enabling you to determine when you can turn off and turn on loads.
Can I link several sonnen home batteries to boost my energy and power output?
The sonnen home battery is not designed to be stackable without additional equipment. You can install several sonnen systems for a larger amount of backup power, however this would require the addition of a protected loads panel for each sonnen system to designate which circuits each battery will backup.
Do I need any additional equipment for my sonnen home battery to run?
The sonnen home battery is an all in one system, so there is no need for additional equipment for a standard installation. However, your solar installer will perform a site survey to determine if your home has any specific electrical requirements that would require additional equipment.
Where is the best place for my sonnen home battery to be installed?
The sonnen home battery is rated for indoor installation (temperature rages is 14F - 122F) and is typically installed in a climate-controlled garage or utility closet, near your breaker box.
What are some tips for your PV system system + sonnen battery last in a longer power outage?

Your sonnen battery will automatically switch on when the grid goes out and is designed to backup 10kWh of appliances. Typically this includes your refrigerator, some lights, outlets for charging phones and your wifi, however the number of appliances and the length of time they can be powered by your battery varies, please check with you installer regarding your specific home. For long-lasting power outages

  • For longer grid outages, limit your energy usage during peak sun hours to allow your battery to fully charge as quickly as possible.
  • During an outage, take care of high energy-usage activities (e.g. air conditioning) during daylight hours so your solar energy system has time to produce more  energy to refill the battery for use at night.
  • Most HVAC are too large to be backed up, it is recommended that you minimize or refrain from turning your HVAC on as it will quickly drain the battery. Instead briefly turn on split AC units or window units for localized cooling (portable evaporative coolers) in critical portions of your home.
  • Electronics, such as TV’s, computers, or charging devices, use energy even when switched to off or not being charged. Plug these devices into power strips so that the power strip can be turned off when not in use during an outage.
  • LED light bulbs can reduce energy usage from lighting by a factor of 10 so they will help you
  • maximize your stored energy. Speak with a lighting department professional about LED bulb options.
  • Turn things off when not in use. The sonnen battery gives you the flexibility to power many items in anywhere in your home, just don’t forget to turn off non essential them items off when you leave the room!
  • Wash dishes by hand and line dry clothes, especially if the grid outage is expected to last for an extended period of time.