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We’ve Got What Home Builders Want – A Valuable Solar Program that Helps Satisfy Title 24 Solar Requirements

by Sandie Nguyen

We’ve Got What Home Builders Want – A Valuable Solar Program that Helps Satisfy Title 24 Solar Requirements

by Sandie Nguyen

Home builders, whether you’re looking for a valuable solar provider to introduce solar into your new communities, or already work with one, kudos to you – you’re paving the way to a bright, sustainable future. As 2020 nears, we want to make it even easier for you to adopt renewable energy by incorporating solar directly into your new home construction process. Because the more we can help make solar power the standard, the better we can give back to the planet. As exciting as it is to be a solar innovator, how can we keep the momentum going? Let’s find out.

Being a Trusted Solar Provider for Home Builders

Trusted by quality home builders across the nation, SunStreet helps you build new and affordable, state-of-the-art solar standard communities that make their own power. During the past several years, in partnership with 14 different quality home builders, we’ve completed more than 34,000 solar installations across 350 communities. With our well-established and built-by-builders background, we’ve perfected our operations process to be non-disruptive, allowing for no construction or closing delays.

At SunStreet, we’re proud of the incredible teams we work with daily to make a difference in the world. We’re also encouraged by each one of our partners because they are not just implementing a product that helps homeowners achieve sustainable living, but also helps build a greener future for generations to come.

"Delivering value through renewable energy continues to be a high priority for our customers, and we are confident that SunStreet will help us deliver just that."

- Jeff Scofield, VP of Procurement, Pulte Group

Bringing Benefits to Homeowners

According to the California Energy Commission, eight in ten (78%) homebuyers in California believe that a home builder who builds homes with solar systems is a green builder who cares about the environment. That means more Americans will value home builders who make sustainable living part of their home. We, therefore, expect savvy home builders to recognize the benefits of a more energy-efficient solar home – designed and engineered from the ground up.

At SunStreet, we constantly strive to deliver quality, simplicity, and affordable solar solutions to families, allowing them to enjoy greener living with no upfront costs. As a forerunner in the new home solar market, we’re continually thinking of ways to make the benefits of solar even more valuable. This is why we created the LeasePlusTM, a simple solar program with plenty of plus sides - for both home builders and their homeowners.

With the LeasePlusTM, home builders will enjoy incentives per home.* In addition, building with SunStreet guarantees you a non-disruptive, turnkey process from start to finish with code-compliant state-of-the-art technology with no hidden fees. Your teams can be assured that they are receiving expert knowledge, field support from our dedicated field managers, Solar Advisors, and Activation Techs. Plus free solar production for your model homes is included.**

Furthermore, with the LeasePlusTM, your homeowners will pay a flat monthly payment with no upfront costs or escalators – it’s easy and affordable. They’re guaranteed exceptional California-based support, as well as production for the life of lease.*** We also offer a 20-year installation warranty and a 25-year equipment warranty, and optional battery storage is available upon request. Additionally, homeowners can enjoy the convenience of real-time monitoring – simply done through an easy-to-use mobile app.

To see what else the LeasePlusTM has to offer, contact us here.

Offering Home Builders Quality Support

There are many ways our support teams can help home builders like you effectively and efficiently sell your new homes with solar. In addition to delivering personalized marketing collateral directly to your sales offices, we will soon offer an all-in-one, online support solution with live chat and comprehensive sales training videos to better assist your sales teams.

After the home has been sold, it is up to us to make your homeowners’ solar experience as easy as possible. Our Activation Techs will provide a solar orientation upon request, while our Solar Advisors are always available when extra support or further explanation is needed. Our teams are committed to helping your homeowners every step of the way – it’s all part of our Signature Service.


Making a Commitment

Home builders, every time you choose solar, you make a commitment to do better. And that commitment should be commended. Together, we can make solar the norm, not an exception. As a solar pioneer, it is our mission to continuously deliver quality and value through renewable energy, state-of-the-art technology, and affordable programs. Our goal is to offer both you and your homeowners the powerful combination of trust, benefits, and support.

We want to be there with you throughout the entire experience: working hard and putting company values and passion behind everything we do. When each of us makes a decision to be environmentally smart with how we use energy, we improve not only our own lives but also surrounding communities.

Be sure to check out our blog post, Title 24 Solar Requirements, and What It Means for Home Builders to see how SunStreet helps you satisfy the new Title 24 updates when building your next home community project.

Ready to build with SunStreet? Contact us today.

*Applies to single-family homes with the LeasePlusTM program only.

**SunStreet activates the system and includes solar production on model homes at no cost for two years.

***Actual production is guaranteed to amount to at least 95% of estimated production during the first year and will decline annually by no more than 0.5% during the term of the Lease, so that by the end of the 20 year term, actual production is guaranteed to be at least 90.5% of the first year’s guaranteed production.

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