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3 Important Things You Must Consider When Choosing a Solar Provider

by Sandie Nguyen

3 Important Things You Must Consider When Choosing a Solar Provider

by Sandie Nguyen

As you may have already heard, the California Energy Commission made history on May 9th when it unanimously adopted a measure making solar panels mandatory on all new homes starting Jan 1, 2020. This decision is historic - making the golden state the first to implement such a measure. But, this measure poses a challenge to California homebuilders, your company will need to choose a solar provider sooner than expected!

Because SunStreet’s entire business was built to serve new home builders and their customers, and has completed more than 15,000 solar installations on new homes, we’ve decided to highlight three of the most critical things to consider when choosing a solar provider for your business.

solar provider for home builders

1. Their background in homebuilding

Some solar providers boast their extensive product lines, ranging from new home solar to retrofit. Unfortunately, the fact that a solar provider has vast experience in the retrofit business does not mean that they are an expert in new home construction. Solar providers with a stronger background in retrofit could have a hard time dealing with tight new home construction timelines. And, not having a streamlined operations process dedicated just to new home solar could complicate the closing process and slow down a home’s purchase. Going with a solar provider with a stronger background in new home solar construction could make this whole process smoother.  That’s why teaming up with a solar provider with a strong background in new home solar construction could be critical to your success.

2. Their Solar Training & Education

Despite all of the benefits that come with solar, selling a home with solar without a proper understanding of it can be a real challenge. And while your team of sales consultants is trained to sell any home, their job would be a lot easier if they had the necessary training and marketing material to aid them in their sale. Some solar providers might provide live training for your sales team while others will ensure that you have educational resources on hand. At SunStreet, we do both! Our Marketing & Training team ensures that your team is equipped with the right resources to help you sell your homes with ease.

3. Their Product Warranty

These are just three of the many things to consider when picking a solar provider. If you’d like to get more guidance on picking the right solar provider or learn more about how SunStreet can help your business, simply contact us here.

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